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We scour the web, work with partners, call on our leads and travel to remote locations to help you find that elusive item.

We've been helping people find things for over 5 years. While we specialize in finding ethnographic items, we've helped people find political buttons, watches, stamps, postcards, toys and more.

We’re excited to help you find that amazing thing you’ve been looking for!

Our Team

Kim Tuitoga

Kim Tuitoga - Director

I absolutely love exploring the world, meeting new people and learning about tradition and cultures. I'm passionate about helping underprivileged children. I've volunteered to help children in India, Cambodia and New Zealand. I'm working towards my PHD in Psychology with a focus on wellbeing.

Troy Yohn

Troy Yohn - Manager of Finding

Co-Author of Masks of the World

I truly enjoy finding unique items. Sometimes I acquire them when exploring other countries, from collectors who are thinning out their collections, and even from non-collectors who come across a fascinating item.

Mitch Mohler

Mitch Mohler - Photographer

Owner Operator of Saturn Photo Lab

Mitch has an eye for capturing images with a unique perspective. He is an expert with manipulating camera angles, lighting, and backgrounds. His attention to detail provides you with great images. He has some awesome canvas, large format and other simply amazing prints you'll want to hang in your house and in your office.